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  • When is the beginning of the classes?

Monday April 26.


  • What are the days and hours?

Classes are  on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. There will always be a boxing class and a Muay Thai class.


** There must be 8 people registered in the course to start it. Ex: Boxing at noon 8 participants (the course can take place).


  • Number of places available:

To start 32 people (to fill the 4 courses offered).

Note: If demand is greater than supply, we have other options.


  • Why $ 500 and have to be present 3 times a week obligatorily?

The price is justified by the number of places allowed (8), the salaries of the coaches, the duration of the course, the planning of each course and the equipment we provide to you.


Attendance 3 times a week is mandatory, in order to properly record movements. Constant repetition of movements is essential.


  • Can I convert my current subscription to have access to this course?



  • How will my subscription be converted?

We will prorate your current subscription and apply it to the cost of the internship. Ex: you have a $ 600 subscription for 6 months and you used it for 2 months.

$ 600/6 months = $ 100 / month.

2 months used = $ 200

$ 600 - $ 200 $ 400 left

The internship is $ 500 - $ 400 in credit = $ 100 payable for your admission.


  • Do I have to pay the cost of the internship in a single payment?

Yes. And it is possible to pay part and put your current subscription as a guarantee for the rest of the payment.


  • What is the purpose of this internship?

The goal of the course is to go really in detail on several aspects of boxing or Muay Thai (according to your choice) and that on movement, defense and offensive, we also work on coordination, agility, precision, sense of rhythm , flexibility and many other aspects of combat such as speed, strength, explosion, etc.


  • Do gyms respect serious exceptions to masks for health reasons?

We would like to! But we are prohibited from balancing things with the current government.



  • Do you need to have some experience to participate in this course?

Yes! You must master the basics, positioning, distance and have some knowledge of the jab and direct. You should have completed approximately 10 courses.


  • Can I come Monday at 6 p.m. in boxing, Wednesday at noon in boxing and Friday at 6 p.m. in Muay Thai?

NO. You have to choose the discipline and the time that suits you and you will be part of a group of 8 people from start to finish.


  • $ 500 for 21 classes is $ 23 per class: it's excessive!

I suggest that you do not see it as a regular course, but rather as a seminar spread over several weeks which is increasingly effective. Less brainwashing. and as mentioned above, we are working on adding more courses.


  • For shadow boxing and body weight classes, can we use our current subscription?

Yes, with any subscription that gives you access to group lessons. Subscriptions that only give access to free training are not exchangeable. We are working to build a schedule to add these classes. We will send you all the information in due course.



Internship details


  • Location: Parc maisonneuve / rosemont (corner viau and sobrier)

  • Start: April 26, 2021

  • Cost: $ 500 + taxes

  • Disciplined; Boxing or Muay Thai

  • Number of places per course: 8

  • Days: Monday - Wednesday - Friday (postponed to the next day in case of rain)

  • Time: Noon or 6 p.m.

  • Mandatory pre-registration: on your Fliip application, between Thursday April 15 and Thursday April 22. For any particular situation (exchanging my current subscription, complication with the application, etc.), you must contact admission at 514-525-3037.


Thank you!

Académie Frontenac's team