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TECHNOLOGY NOW MEETS INNOVATION  The best strap in boxing is now on the best bag glove in boxing. We are proud to introduce the innovative dual angle V-Strap Wrist-Lock 2 System to the RB10.   This strap now gives you the superior wrist and palm support that you are accustomed to with the innovative V-Strap Wrist-Lock 2 System. This cutting edge design is an original Rival creation which we are very proud of.  The RB10-Intelli-Shock bag glove is the result of 2 years of development with some of boxing’s best athletes and has been designed to give the boxer the ultimate in hand protection.    Features:  d3o Intelligent Shock Absorption Technology; Absorbs 40% More Energy Than Most Super Bag Gloves; Absorbs 15% More Energy and is 38% Lighter Than Most Gel Bag Gloves; A Vast Array of Colour Options; Improved Fit for a Better Fist; Rival's Trademark 15º Angled Cuff; Super Microfiber Construction; 1.25" of Closed Cell Foam and Latex Padding Specifically Designed for Intense Bag Use; Air Flow Control System Helps to Keep Your Hand Cool and Comfortable; Embroidered and Printed Rival Graphics;  Colours Available: Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/White, Black/Grey, Black/Gold, Black/Lime Green  Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL   IMPORTANT WARNING: These bag gloves must never be used for sparring or hitting another person. They are designed specifically for bag and punch mitt use only. The layered foam padding used in the construction of these bag gloves are of a hard, high density nature not intended for sparring.   * The product may vary from the picture.


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