Here is our plan for the deconfinement of the Académie Frontenac following the government's plan.


June 7, 2021

Orange Zone - Indoor self training (without coach) individually or for two people from the same address.


June 14, 2021

Yellow Zone - Indoor self training  (without coach), indoor trainings in groups of 12  on punching bags with coach and RETURN OF PADS IN TEAMS OF TWO OUTSIDE (GROUP OF 25) light contacts


June 25, 2021

Green Zone - Indoor training with pads in teams of two (group of 25) light contacts

End of August 2021 -                      RETURN TO NORMAL

No more zone - boxing lessons, kick-boxing, Muay thai, Jiu jitsu, MMA, wrestling, krav maga, tabata, sparing… all levels: beginner, regular, intermediate, advanced, elite. Full contact.