Classes levels


Level 1 Beginner: (the basics)  

The beginner classe is for new members who have never practiced the discipline (Boxing, Muay Thai). You have to take this course 10 times to learn the basics before moving on to regular classes. The beginner course will allow you to acquire a solid foundation for:  

  • The basic position

  • Basic trips. (Front / rear and left / right)

  • Basic strokes: jab, direct and round kick for Muay Thai


Level 2 Regular:  

The regular classe is intended for students who have completed the beginner course or who already have knowledge of the basics, whether they have been mastered or not. It is advisable to stay in the regular course for a minimum of 20 courses.


** If you want to play sports without being hit directly to the head and body, the regular class is perfect for you. The regular course covers:  

  • The positions

  • Movements and pivots

  • Simple combinations

  • The other basic strokes: hooks, uppercuts, and for Muay Thai we add push kicks, knees and elbows 

  • Basic dodges

  • Basic locks


Level 3 Intermediate:

The intermediate classe is intended for members who have a good command of the techniques of the regular course or who already have a good basis in the discipline.

  • More complex combinations

  • Slightly more advanced defense and dodging

  • Slightly more advanced combat sport concept (Combat Strategy)

  • Advanced travel 

  • Initiation to light sparring (if you are interested in participating in advanced classes)


Level 4 Advanced:  

The advanced classe is aimed at members who have a good mastery of intermediate techniques and who are interested in going further in the discipline.

  • More demanding physical conditioning

  • Convenient with more contact

  • Sparring  


Level 5 Elite:  

The elite level is for serious competitors. You will find all the aspects of the advanced classe and in addition, there will be a preparation for the fights to come.