How online courses work
  • Reserve your place on the Fliip app

  • Download the  Application Zoom

  • You will receive an email containing the Zoom link between 5 and 15 minutes before the start of your course, you must click on the link, do not open the application before clicking on the link   (Important: the course will start at the exact time)

  • Find a place in your house with enough space to practice (we recommend 2 meters X 2 meters)

  • Install your webcam, smartphone, camera, gopro ... etc so that we can see you well to correct you better

  • As an option, you can connect your computer, laptop, video console or other directly with an ETHERNET cable (usually yellow or blue cable). Click the following link to see what the cable in question looks like.

  • As an option, you can connect your laptop or computer to your TV with an HDMI cable for greater visibility. Click on this link for more information.