Many of you were waiting for the GO for outdoor lessons. Good news !

The good weather is back and the possibility of doing lessons outside is allowed.


Start :

Monday June 8.


How it works :

First, you cannot enter the premises except for purchases of equipment and smoothies. Outside the gym, there will be marks on the ground (red boxing gloves) and you will have to wait there for the coach to pick you up. Thereafter, we will run to the park selected by the trainer. The course will be given individually for a period of 60 minutes. At the end of the course, we return to the race to the academy.


Discipline offered for the moment:

Boxing, kick-boxing, Muay Thai, tabata, 12 rounds. Other disciplines will be added over time.



It is the same time range as online courses. If you do not wish to go to the park, you will have the choice of participating in the online course from home.



You must book your class at least 2 hours before via the Fliip application. This will allow us to manage the classes well.


Subscription :

You will have the choice to restart your subscription or to obtain an online course subscription for only $ 49.99 for one month unlimited. In both cases, you will have access to courses in the parks and online courses.

Certain conditions apply.



You must be present at the Frontenac Academy Maximum 5 minutes before the course.


Meteorological condition:

Only if the weather allows it.



Throughout the process (arriving at the gym, running, the course and returning to the Frontenac academy) you must keep a distance of 2 meters and this without exception. Understand that if he has a lack of disciplines on your part, you will be excluded from outdoor lessons, we do not want to deprive people who respect the rules. As you can imagine the course is in individual mode (so no team of 2 for the moment).


No disrespect will be tolerated, neither towards your colleagues, nor towards the coaches.


Plan a full bottle of water (you will not be able to fill your bottle at the gymnasium and it is not known if you will have access to a water terminal at the park.).


Thank you and see you soon,