Charles Roy

Practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu since 2014, Charles Roy began teaching at the Académie Frontenac when he decided to organize his daily life around this discipline.

A long time music teacher, his approach is both conceptual and contextual. That is, the bulk of the training is devoted to understanding the principles inherent in ground combat and their application in specific situations.

Ardent defender of the scientific method applied to the martial arts, Charles Roy teaches Brazilian jiu-jitsu in sports and martial perspectives.

His courses are structured in such a way as to encourage the pupil to develop his athletic potential, his creativity and his ability to solve complex problems in real time. Mental and physical training, the practice of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, whether in gi, no-gi, in a sports context or mixed martial arts, is one that requires a sustained and passionate work. In a relaxed atmosphere, each class is a laboratory that ends in generalized combat

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